In the 1939 the main Polish naval base was Gdynia, with it's harbour near Oksywie. The second base was Hel while some other small auxiliary ports were located in Jastarnia, Wielka Wies and Puck. Because of the lack of funds, the development of the land facilities of the Navy was stopped for many years. Instead KMW built several new vessels.

When the 6-years programme was introduced (1936), KMW decided to modernise her land bases and increase them. The plans were to buy: one battery of 305 mm (one two gun turret) in Hel, one battery of 152 mm (with four single open emplacements shield guns) and 130 mm (taken from Wicher class destroyers) guns, 40 AA guns and about 43 floatplanes.

In the 1939 situation of the Naval bases, were as follows. The terrain under Polish Navy, was divided into two main parts: Hel Fortified Area, Gdynia Zone and also Military Transit Depot Westerplatte.