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Abbreviations used in the O. de B. are listed below:
  art. artylerii Officer of Artillery corps
  art. kon. artylerii konnej Officer of Horse Artillery corps
  dr doktor Doctor
  dypl. dyplomowany Officer who graduated Higher War School
  int. intendentury Officer of Administrative corps
  inz. inzynier Engineer
  laczn. lacznosci Officer of Communication corps
  nadkom. nadkomisarz Chief Commissioner (Police)
  obs. obserwator Air observer
  piech. piechoty Officer of Infantry corps
  pil. pilot Pilot
  rez. rezerwy in reserve
  sap. saperow Officer of Sapper corps
  st. sp. w stanie spoczynku retired
  Str. Gr. Strazy Granicznej Officer of Border Guard
  zand. zandarmerii Officer of Military Police